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Click! The Web Series

Hey! How the hell have you been? Been a long time since I’ve posted anything, no? I’ve had a tremendous amount of things going on in my life and figured now was as good a time as any to update the site…but that’s not why I’m posting this today.

The reason I’m writing is so that I can share episode 2 of our web series Click!…The uh, Web Series. Why episode 2 and not episode 1? Well, I’m not super bright and actually had to be told that maybe blogging about the series was a smart thing to do. I have a number of strengths – watching stuff, complaining about movies that don’t have the proper amount of/have too much reverence for the source material that inspired them, and macramé – but marketing is not one of them. And I may be lying about macramé. Also, I wrote episode 2, which ultimately makes this a very self-serving post. So there’s that.

Click! represents the hard work of a lot of talented people, including Chris Mueller, Dan Franko, Ken Arnold, Nadia Williams, Mike Morucci, Steve Burgess, and several others. I was also involved (check out all the glorious credits here). The episode is below. While I’ve got you here, why not give episode 1 a little love too? Enjoy!

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