A Necessary Delay

For those of you who have no doubt been eagerly awaiting my next blog post with bated breath, allow me to disappoint you. See, though this may look like a blog post, it’s not quite what you may be expecting. It was my plan to post something (hopefully) funny weekly. That would’ve meant I should’ve posted something on Monday. However, I’ve been busy working on a number or materials that I needed to submit by yesterday for a mentorship I’m hoping to get. It’s a hell of an opportunity and I already made the first cut. Today I was working on a 2-page screenplay for this contest:


I tell you all this to put your mind at ease: there will be a new post next week and it will be funny. At least that’s the plan.

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One response to “A Necessary Delay

  1. Michael Brennan

    I’m SUPER excited to see how it all plays out. We should high five over this as we patitently await the results. I have a feeling you and I are going to do just swell.

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